Finding Peace in Pandemic Parenting

Dear People,
Welcome to Finding Peace in Pandemic Parenting. As a child and adolescent psychiatrist reflecting on a week of overwhelm, quarantine, transitioning to virtual psychiatry, college students returning home, kids without school, elderly parents and high risk connections, the likelihood of exposure to COVID-19 and much more, this idea came to be. It is in collaboration with folks from around the world who share expertise in psychology, parenting, education… maintaining peace in the face of challenge. With this current crisis I wondered about who are my connections and how can they help. A long-term friend, Roxy, came to mind from my childhood. Recently furloughed from a retail job with time on her hands, I realized our collaboration could draw on her training as an electrical engineer and her many years of experience homeschooling her own children as well as serving on her state’s homeschooling association board of directors. We plan to post regularly in a free and accessible format to as many as we can reach. Each of you is an expert in your own unique ways and we welcome your sharing.
Maria, Roxy and……… you