Keeping Yourself Healthy: Body, Part 2

Today we continue our discussion of keeping healthy in the body, carrying on from yesterday’s information on 1. good sleep practices, 2. regular meals, and 3. exercise.

Body: What does it take to keep your body healthy? What do you have available to you?

  1. Hygiene: Many cultures have suggestions on this. Find what is right for you. Wash your hands often, scrubbing for at least 20 seconds. Consider washing all your clothes after venturing outdoors. Don’t forget to brush your teeth twice daily and floss each day.
  2. Routine:  If possible, stay on a schedule of these things.  Your body depends on regular, consistent periods to recharge and work at its best. If you are sick or have experienced stress, listen to your body. It will likely tell you how you may need to alter sleep, meals and exercise.
  3. Sensations: Tune in to the sensations in your body.  They can guide you to understand and cope with your environment. They can also throw you off from the present. For example, if your body is remembering how to cope with a past trauma it may be the wrong sensation for the present. Take time each day to tune into your body and understand these sensations.
  4. Your Gut: There is relatively new understanding of our gut and how the health of our gut effects our mental and physical health.  Information on this topic is extensive and evolving.  Before publishing today’s blog this opportunity for 8 free lectures this weekend popped up in my email. Take a quick moment and tap the link below to attend The Gut Health Roundtable talks on gut health, immunity and mental and emotional well-being.

Keeping your body healthy will help you to better handle the new situations we all find ourselves in. Tomorrow we’ll continue the focus on your health with a discussion on keeping your mind healthy.