Keeping Yourself Healthy: Mind, Part 2

Let’s continue our discussion of keeping healthy in the mind, following Part 1’s information on 1. instincts and 2. feelings.

What does it take to keep your mind healthy? What do you have available to you?

  1. Thoughts:  These are natural and important to understand.  They can guide you. For example, “I need to use social distance for my health and the health of others.” Or, “I don’t like social distancing. I feel alone and isolated.” They can also be overwhelming, disorienting or misleading. Ask yourself if this is a helpful thought for now or an unhelpful thought (maybe from your past or from others).   You can do this through talking with others and journaling.
  2. Images: These can come in many forms and include visual, auditory and even olfactory visions.  They are information from parts of your mind that connect to the thought and feeling and instinctual parts of your mind. They can be guiding and helpful in the present. They may also be memories from the past or from others that may or may not guide you effectively now. Take time to identify images you are having and ask if they are helpful to you now. You can do this through art, music, dreaming, play (kids are often great at this last one).

Use these techniques to keep your mind healthy and better equip yourself to find peace in difficult times. Try to schedule these into your daily calendar and share with your family. We will discuss these more in depth in future posts. Our next posting will discuss keeping your spirit healthy.